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Cosmetic product UTS registration process:

Company registration:

Company registrations are made via ÜTS via MERSIS or VEDOP.

Responsible Technical Staff registration:

In accordance with the Cosmetics Legislation, companies cannot be operated without employing responsible technical staff and qualified personnel required by the service.

A chemist, biochemist, chemical engineer, biologist or microbiologist may be appointed as the responsible technical staff, provided that he/she certifies that he/she has actually worked in the field of pharmacist or cosmetics for two years. The responsible technical staff is responsible for controlling the compliance of the product to be placed on the market with the cosmetic legislation, good manufacturing practices and other relevant legislation.

You can benefit from the service of hiring the Responsible Technical Staff within the OzeCo Group.

Formulation notification and Cosmetic Product ÜTS registration:

In accordance with the Cosmetic Law No. 5324, it is obligatory to notify the Ministry of Health before the cosmetic product is put on the market for the first time, and it is obligatory to notify the changes that occur in the product or the manufacturer after the notification.

Within the scope of the Cosmetics Regulation, before the product is placed on the market, the original packaging of the product, readable packaging visuals and Turkish label samples must be submitted to the Agency via electronic systems determined by the Agency.

Notification processes are carried out through the Product Tracking System (ÜTS).

Company registration and responsible technical personnel (STE) registration are required for notification procedures.

After the company registration process is completed, an electronic application is created for cosmetic product notification via ÜTS.

As OzeCo Group, our services in UTS registration processes;

➡️ Cosmetic product UTS registration, production/import permit

➡️ Preparation of Cosmetic Product Safety Evaluation Report

➡️ Preparation of cosmetic product information file

➡️ Legislative label and content review

➡️ Company registration and appointment of Responsible Technical Staff in the UTS system of the Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency

➡️ Obtaining a Free Sales Certificate for export products

Please contact us to get support from our expert team for your registration, permit and license procedures required by the Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency (TİTCK).