What is EAC Certificate?

The Customs Union Certificate of Conformity (EAC Certificate) is an official document confirming the conformity of the quality of the productions with the approved regulations within the Customs Union region.

Russian Federation EAC (Gost-R) Certificate of Conformity

In 2015, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia joined the Eurasian Economic Community, which was established in 2010 under the leadership of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. This new formation brought with it new regulations and new regulations. GOST Certificates, which are valid throughout these countries, have been replaced by new documents known as EAC Certificates, which are mandatory for exporting to customs union countries.

During the transition period and the entry into force of the new regulations, the GOST Certificates of the companies remained valid. The companies that wanted to obtain new certificates were given the EAC Certificate and the GOST Certificates were abolished over time according to the product groups.

You can get information about whether the products you export are included in the new legal regulation by contacting us from our contact information.

Export documents to be used in the New Period are given in the list below. These documents will be selected by us according to the product groups your products are in.

  1. Customs Union Certificate
  2. Customs Union Declaration

Please contact us to avoid problems at customs during your exports to Russia, Kazakistan and Belarus.