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Supplementary foods are generally divided into the following types according to their content.

  1. Food supplements containing vitamins and/or minerals
  2. Plant-based supplements
  3. Supplementary foods containing omega 3, amino acids, active ingredients of animal origin
  4. Prebiotic and probiotic supplements

Companies that want to sell imported or domestically produced food supplements in Turkey must first register their companies with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and obtain permission for their products.

The procedures related to the Approval of Supplementary Food are carried out in line with the following three main legislations published by the Ministry.

  • Regulation on Import, Production, Processing and Placement on the Market of Supplementary Foods
  • Approval Procedures for Supplementary Foods Application Instructions
  • Turkish Food Codex Communiqué on Supplementary Foods

Requested Documents:

1. The document in which the trademark and name of the food supplement and the form(s) of the commercial presentation (10 Capsules, 30 Capsules, 60 Capsules, etc.) are declared to be offered to the market,

2. Percentage ingredient list (the document in which the ingredients used in the production of the food supplement are arranged in descending order by weight, by weight and percent (%) by specifying their intended use),

3. Specification document (document showing the nature of the active ingredients (powder, extract, etc.) in the composition of the food supplement and the amount in the unit (tablet, capsule, spoon, etc.) and in the daily intake dose),

4.Recommended daily intake dose document (the document stating the user age group and the recommended daily consumption amount for this age group),

5. The undertaking that HACCP or GMP is applied in the establishment where the food supplement is produced,

6. Subcontracting contract in contract manufacturing (it is required to be submitted only in domestic production),

7. Botanical contract stating the Turkish name, Latin name and the part used of the botanical in the product (it must be submitted if there is a component such as botanical-based plant powder, plant extract/extract, vegetable oil etc.)

8. If the product contains oil obtained from plants as an active ingredient, the undertaking showing the production method of this vegetable oil,

9.  A letter of undertaking stating the domain name and URL address/addresses of the business (If there is no Domain Name and URL address at the time of application; a letter of undertaking stating that it does not exist at the moment, and that it will be notified to the Provincial Directorate if it is received in the future)

Please contact us for the preparation of the application file for your food supplement permit procedures, content and label review, company registration and product permits.