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Manufactured or imported before 31/12/2023 on its own or in a mixture for substances, if the annual amount is one tonne or more, the dates between 31/12/2020 and 31/12/2023registration provisions apply.

Listed below are some important aspects of the path you should follow in this process:

1. Pre-MBDF of companies that want to participate in the Item Information Exchange Forum (SISF) must complete the submission as soon as possible.

2. By more than one manufacturer/importer pursuant to Article 12 of the KKDIK Regulation A joint registration dossier is sent for manufactured/imported substances. For this; pre-SIEF MBDF query of the sent items is made. with companies in MBDF contact is made.

3. In SIEF, it is determined who will be the Leading company.

4. Test data, data sharing, access to data available in MBDF by the leading company matters related to the right to cost sharing are clarified.

5. Leading firm; He declares that he is a leader to the Ministry through KKS. on this subject Related information will be made soon.

6. The registration file after the leading company notifies the Ministry that it is a leader can send.

7. After the leading companies are determined; other companies in the SIEF inquiry of the substance Leader Company information will be visible.

8. When the leader company sends the registration file, it also indicates the member companies in its file. Leader after the company sends the registration dossier to the member companies, It is given the authority to complete the relevant parts of the registration file and send it.

9. Select the highest tonnage in MBDF as the lead company registration type template and fill in the relevant fields. fills. He gives the tonnage information of his own company in section 1.1 and pays the registration fee to his own company. pays on the basis of tonnage range.

10. Member companies choose the “KKDIK Registration Member Application General” registration type template. Record pays its fee on the basis of its own tonnage range.

11. CHESAR, the Chemical Safety Reporting Tool, by the last quarter of 2021 at the latest will be integrated into the system. Preparation of Chemical Safety Report companies that have an obligation (substances manufactured/imported in quantities of 10 tons or more per year) for the vehicle) can wait for the completion of the integration process of the vehicle into the system. In this process Keeping your data in the system by filling in the fields related to the information requirements in the KKS they can. Regarding Sub-Users;

12. In the process, information transfer in the supply chain is extremely important. Manufacturer/importers and This communication between downstream users should be effective and should be clarified in commercial relations. Lower from users' suppliers; details of their use into the log file. Receiving a statement that they will add will make the process effective.

13. Requires downstream users to log in to KKS in accordance with Section 5 of the KKDIK Regulation. The Downstream User module, which will be used for situations that require it will open.